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Positive Herpes Stories

Are we joking, is there such a thing as a story about herpes that is positive?

Yes, there’s in fact millions of stories where herpes has changed peoples’ live for the BETTER!

We invite you to share your own positive story about herpes by commenting below.  Your story can provide life changing relief to a person who has just been diagnosed. Tips on dealing with herpes are also appreciated.

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  1. I was 15 when I noticed a small “cut” on my labia minora. It was sensitive to the touch and I became worried when it wasn’t healing. I went to the doctor and was extremely surprised when she told me I had contracted genital herpes.

    “But I’ve never had sex!” I exclaimed.
    “Have you received oral sex?” she asked.

    I had, my boyfriend and I had been exploring each other’s bodies. To our knowledge, he had never had a cold sore, so the diagnosis was a huge shock. After a dosage of Famvir, the “cut” cleared up.

    Flash forward 7 years and I have never had another outbreak since that initial “cut”. I have never passed it on to any of my sexual partners. If anything, I consider it a blessing in disguise because it has made me choose my sexual partners more carefully.

    My experience with herpes has been pretty damn easy. In fact, the worst part of it was that initial diagnosis – the doctor handled it poorly and placed a lot of blame on me. Every sexual partner has been understanding and comforting. I almost enjoy telling the story now, because it usually counters their previous conceptions of STIs.

    I haven’t told many of my friends about my diagnosis, however I was shocked when an acquaintance confided in me that she was HSV positive. She said I seemed like I would be open minded and she wanted a friend. STIs are all around people!!!!

    1. Thank you sooo much for sharing! Another example of how very insignificant and minor herpes can be, especially Genital HSV1 which has been shown to have a very low likelihood of recurring and spreading.

  2. I have herpes from childhood and last 8 years I had very often outbreaks. About 1-2 times each month. Tried so many things, but seems I found my answer.

    Firstly, I had very low D vitamin level (5x lower than normal) in blood, so I really recommend you to test yourself for it. I started drink D vitamin regularly and hold it’s level above 50ng/ml.
    Secondly, I made Isoprinosine drug (immune system antiviral modulator) therapy.
    Thirdly, as I had problems with almonds often, I made Bronchomunal drug (throat immune system modulator) therapy.
    At the moment I can say that I had only one small outbreak within 9 months which disappeared in 2 days. And yes, always have Heviran 400mg like drugs next to you. If you had much stress, went into coldness for a long time or had a lot of alcohol parties, then drink this Heviran (Acyclovirum drug) preventively for some days. This was my answer for herpes.
    Summary – check you D vitamin level and correct it if needed, eliminate companion infections if you have (like streptococcus), never stay cold and try immune system modulators. And soon vaccine will come.

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