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Hopeful Words For The Newly Diagnosed!

Hopeful words for the newly diagnosed!

  • Last updated: Monday, June 19, 2017

​When I was first diagnosed I was devastated, I thought I would never be able to have sex again, let alone have a fulfilling relationship and I didn't want ANYONE to know. My best friend has actually had herpes for…

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If I Can Be Happy, So Can You!

If I can be happy, so can you!

  • Last updated: Monday, May 29, 2017

A pal on this site inspired me to write about this, to show ppl that even though it seems scary, and may make you feel like your life has come to a screeching halt, life doesn't end after herpes. In…

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Today I am thankful for herpes……

  • Last updated: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Today I am thankful for herpes. Not to get ahead of myself, there are many days in which I loath this virus. Food for thought. I'm sitting here today feeling sorry about myself. Newly single, (from my giver) alone, i've…

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Positive Herpes Stories

Positive Herpes Stories

Are we joking, is there such a thing as a story about herpes that is positive? Yes, many. So many in fact that when we began looking for examples of positive herpes stories that we were blown away. Many of…

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